It’s a New Year … and what

It’s a new year and as people declare their resolutions, I would like to declare my reservations.  Yes, I have new year reservations and I would like to share a couple with you.

I have serious reservations as to whether or not our divided country will ever truly heal.  I thought after a year or so of the new President, everyone would settle down a bit; however, it is clearly a “What Side Are YOU On” country.  I am dumbfounded as I switch between news programs and hear the “news” as given by either the Left or the Right.  How is it possible that NEWS can be wrong!!!! It’s NEWS you morons – the unbiased truth – remember that.  I once aspired to writing in my factual type way as superfluous use of language never really appealed to me – but it has become abundantly clear that there is no longer factual, just relative to the biases of those who run the show.

I have serious reservations as to whether this new generation of entitled children will have the backbone required to unscrew our screwed up world.  Who will be the voice of reason, the strong hand, the intelligent diplomat – who will know that a true victory in negotiations is where both sides walk away from the table unhappy.  Who will empathize with those who are unlike them – who will teach the next generation kindness, selflessness.

I have serious reservations as to whether we can continue to survive nature’s revenge.  Global warming, climate change, fairy tale – whatever it is you want to call it is fine but there is no denying that the weather has become freakishly dangerous and whether you want to agree with the scientists, or the Book of Revelation, we are all clear on one thing, this cannot continue indefinitely.

But, by far, my greatest Reservation is that we shall ever again know peace.

There is nothing left to come together about – only more and more things to have us torn asunder by.

We are in some serious trouble.

I guess that’s why my New Year’s resolution is to pray.



Author: alwayslybravyrgo

Completely Indescribable in any representational way.

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